Product Selection

Build with confidence knowing you’ve selected Australia’s fastest-setting, most versatile cement products. We’ve prepared the guide below to help you select the perfect cement to suit your next construction product.

Seeking a unique application or still not quite sure which product is right for you? Give one of our experts a call today for advice.

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Location UsesRapid Set® Cement (Bags)Cement All®Concrete MixMortar MixOne Pass®Wunder Fixx®
Airport Pavement Repairs
Airport Paving
Base Plate Grouting
Bridge Deck Construction
Bridge Deck Repair
Casting, Ornamental & Architectural
Cement Board Installation
Concrete Floor Overlay
Concrete Repair, Architectural & Cosmetic
Concrete Repair, Seawall
Concrete Repair, Structural (0″-4″)
Concrete Repair, Structural (1/2″-6″)
Concrete Repair, Structural (2″-24″+)
Concrete Repair, Vertical & Overhead
Crack Repair
Drywall Install & Repair
Equipment Grouting
Floor Leveling
Formed Concrete
Freeze Floor Repair
Grouting, General
Grouting, Non-Shrink
Highway Pavement Repairs
Manhole Repair
Masonry Applications
Mining Applications
Mortar Beds
Parking Deck Repairs
Parking Structures, Repair
Plaster Repairs
Plastering, Exterior
Plastering, Interior
Post Setting
Sacking & Patching
Sidewalks, Ramps & Steps
Skim Coating Concrete & Block
Slab, New
Slabs, Repair
Spall Repair
Stucco Repair
Tile Setting
Tilt-up Concrete Patching
Utility Trenches