Cement All®

Rapid Set® Cement All® is a high-strength, non-shrink grout with rapid strength gain that bonds to concrete, brick, stone, plaster, wood and more. Ready to drive or build on in one hour.


    • General concrete repair
    • Anchoring
    • Grouting and dry packing
    • Precast
    • Crack repairs

Compressive strength test results

1 hr*20.68 MPa
3 hrs34.47 MPa
7 days48.26 MPa
28 days62.05 MPa
* After final set

Concrete Mix

Rapid Set® Concrete Mix is a high performance, multi-purpose concrete mix with high strength and superior durability; ready for traffic in just one hour with an ultra-high strength of 55 MPa.


  • High strength structural restoration
  • Partial and full-depth concrete repair
  • Set posts and pour footings
  • Manhole, pavement and walkway restoration
  • Steps and ramps
  • Countertops and precast concrete

Compressive strength test results

1 hr*20.68 MPa
3 hrs27.57 MPa
7 days37.92 MPa
28 days41.36 MPa
* After final set

Mortar Mix

Fast, strong and durable, Rapid Set® Mortar Mix sets in 15 minutes and is ready for loading or painting in one hour. Trowels to a smooth or textured finish.


  • High structural strength restoration
  • Vertical and overhead repairs
  • Spall repairs
  • Plaster and stucco repairs
  • Countertops and floor repairs

Compressive strength test results

1 hr*17.23 MPa
3 hrs27.57 MPa
7 days41.36 MPa
28 days48.26 MPa
* After final set


Achieve a smooth and uniform finish with our fast-setting and hard-wearing concrete patching compound; formulated with premium grade hydraulic cement and high performance polymers.


Patching and detailing on all concrete surfaces, including pre-cast concrete, concrete blocks and tilt-up panels.

WunderFixx® is suitable for damp environments on interior and exterior projects.

Compressive strength test results

24 hr6.89 MPa
28 days10.34 MPa

Thickness & Coverage

0 to 12.5mm
10.7 sq mtr @ 1.6 mm thick
Bag weight 22.7kg


Rapid Set OnePass® is an all-purpose, fast setting wall repair material and joint compound formulated with Rapid Set hydraulic cement. Mould and water-resistant for use on both interior and exterior applications.


General construction and repair of:

  • Wall board and cement board
  • Plaster
  • Magnesium oxide board
  • Other surfaces that require a smooth and durable finish

Mould resistance test results

7 days10 out of 10
14 days10 out of 10
28 days10 out of 10
* 10 = no mould

Thickness & Coverage

0 to 25mm
4.2 sq mtr @ 0.8mm thick
Bag weight 11.4kg

Set Control®

SET Control® gives you more time to place and finish your concrete, mortar and grout materials by extending the setting time of your job. Ideal for use in warm weather when cement naturally sets faster, SET Control can be used with all Rapid Set cement products.

Add SET Control to the initial mixing water before adding your cement product. Up to four packets of SET Control can be added per bag of Rapid Set® Cement.

Note: SET Control and FLOW Control® maybe used in conjunction with each other.

Flow Control®

For projects requiring extra workability, FLOW Control® is the answer. Use with Rapid Set cement products to significantly increase fluidity and workability without adding more water. For best results, add FLOW Control after initial mixing of product. Add upto only 1 packet of FLOW Control per bag of product.

For best results, add FLOW Control to the initial mixing water before adding your cement product. Add up to four packets of FLOW Control per bag of Rapid Set® Cement.

Note: SET control® and FLOW control maybe used in conjunction with each other.

Faster Setting

Rapid Set hardens rock solid in 1 hour. Don’t be left waiting for other “quick” setting products which take up to 10 hours to harden. The faster your material hardens, the faster you can move on to other projects.

Higher Strength

The strength of conventional concrete is 20.6 MPA.

Compare that with 68.9 MPA of Rapid Set.

More Durability

Build Fast – Build to Last! With Rapid Set, your projects become permanent repairs, not temporary patches.

Less Shrinkage

Shrinkage is the leading cause of cracking in concrete. Rapid Set products shrink 70% less than conventional concrete, giving you a more durable better looking result.